Thursday, 31 March 2016

Day in a life as a camp cabin

 Description:We are learning to write a story that entertains the readers. We were told that we were allowed to write about anything we wanted as long as it was funny. We had to write a funny story about schools going to camp. I chose to write pretending that I was a camp cabin. My writing had to have a start, middle and end. Nic said it had to have a really good ending. 

Day in the life as a camp cabin

Oh no is it? No  Yes. It is the second school of the week! Hi I am cabin three. I like my job and I don't now why. Well my job is to, oh I'm like a bedroom but 7-8 girls sleep in the same room as each other. You could not think what you would find in a cabin, no... no cabin 3 !

P.s do you want to go on and find out what's in cabin 3? Yes? No? Well too late I'm telling you!

It was Tuesday morning RSS is coming to camp. Did you know that no girl ever says thank you to me. All they do is bang on the walls and talk about all the other cabins. Ha! I'm going to play a trick on my cabin.

All the girls do two activities and then they all go and have tea.

The night has come. All the girls get ready for bed. 1, 2 ,3 ,4 , 5, 6, 7, 8  girls are all in bed now. I wait a little bit and... creak creak!! "Ha"  said Molly and Kate at the same time. All the rest of the girls wake up. A teacher walks into the cabin. "all you girls should be asleep." "But...but.... the cabin," screamed Polly  "What about the cabin?" asked the teacher 

"Oh that didn't work I'll try tomorrow night". I said to myself.

The morning comes. All 8 girls wake up. They climb out of bed and some go to the shower and some take off their pyjamas and get dressed and brush their hair.

At 8:00 pm all the girls dash in and make a big noise. "All you girls in bed now ok." Said the teacher. "We don't want to go to sleep," screamed all the girls. "NOW GO TO BED!" shouted the teacher 

"The time has come ..."  I said 

I shook the room as hard as I could burn not that hard so the other cabins could feel it. It was hard enough that all the girls would feel it. I don't want to knock all the girls off their beds, that's the last thing on my list.

I stop ..... then I hear a girl say, "cabin we would love it if you would stop shaking the cabin and stop making the cabin creak." 

I was so happy I started to cry. I stopped crying and said... "I will."      
And that, well that, was how someone talked to me!

10 months later I don't even know the girl who talked to me was.

Feedback and feedforward: I think you did a good job at looking at the cabin's perspective of things. Next time you could add some more similes, otherwise you did a really good entertaining story.-Aria 

Evaluation:   I think my story entertained people but next time I will add similes to my writing to create imagery.


Friday, 18 March 2016

My family tree

On Monday afternoon we split into two groups one group will do kapa haka and the other half goes to I Te Reo. At I Te Reo we have been creating family trees. First we listed down all the people in our family and then we started to create our family trees, finally we added the names of our family in Maori and this is called my Whakapapa. Blake and I are at the bottom because we are the children,going up is mum and dad . On the left side is dad's side of the family and on the right side is mum's side of the family. Mum's side gets joined with dad's side when mum and dad married. On the sides of mum and dad are there brothers and sisters. At the top of this tree are my grandparents. Males are always on the left side and females are always on the right side. A family tree can continue to grow. This is a record of my family over time. One day I might add to this tree. 

 I think you did great remembering all those names and I think it's great to know your family. I think to improve maybe you could make it a bit tidier but I think you'd be rushing for this to be done so good job! ~Charlotte P

Evaluation: I think next time I will next time I will percent it neater by adding colour and making an actual tree. I ran out time and could have done after school. Next time I could add some more information like- date of birth,middle names,surname,were they where born.

Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 camp portfolio diary

description: Last week all the year 6s and the 5 all went to El rancho  camp. The first day we had two activities. My Group did water slide and rifles in total we did ten activities in our four camp days. I don't like the pool because it was cold and I didn't like the cold temperature of the pool. My favourite activity was  the horse because they were very nice and I love horses! 

Feedback  I think you definitely expressed your love for horses and I think thats great. 
Feedforward I think next time you could maybe express your love for camp? Great job!

Friday, 4 March 2016

My one word 2016 art

Description:This week we have been making our one word art.My one word is confidence. My theme for my one word art is rainbow with a darker purple for the letters. I choose purple because the dark makes it stand out a lot. I chose confidence because I would like to be a lot more confident in what I do. I need to be confident because I get nervous in some  things I do but I am good at doing these things.
Feedback/feedforward: I think you did a really good job but next time you could make the letters something to do with the word confidence so it looks even cooler.
- Tabitha

Evaluation: I found the measuring hard and I found choosing the colours easy.

Camp goals

Description: Today we have been writing about our camp goals. There is a personal goal and there is a active goal .Thay are connected to my one word. My one word for 2016 Is confidence. Look down and you can see my my camp goals.