Monday, 30 May 2016

Math test📝

In maths in poutama we have been doing maths test I started on the stage 5 test and I got 84% and I past stage 5. Two days later I did the stage 6 test. The test was harder than I thought but I keeped on going and by the time I had finished i felt really good and found out later that in got 20%. As I got home I realized that all those work sheets mum got for me played off.

Evaluation: I found the stage 5 test eazy then last time and I got most of the questions right I thinking found it eazy because I have been practicing a lot at home. The stage 6 test was a lot harder then I was thinking but I realized at all the numbers where bigger then the stage 5 test.

Feedback and Feedforward: I think you need to practice a bit more on your stage six learning but other than that you are really good -atlanta

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Maths sample term 2 2016

Description: for the last three days we have been doing some Lego maths with Troy. Troy was inspired by this when he went with his boy to the Lego place. The type of Lego was could Mixels.1/4 the blocks are grey 1/5 of the blocks are curved 1/4 of the blocks are round 2/10 of the blocks are plates  1/10 of the blocks are slopes.ther are 300 blocks altogether.our task was to figure out how many there are of each piece in one boxs.As you will see below I have worked it out it.

Evaluation: I found this maths  a little hard but it was a really new fun activitie. 
Feedback/feedforward:I think you did well!next time you could make what you did a bit clearer so I know that you really get what your doing!
-Bella M

Monday, 23 May 2016


Handwriting, how many pomes can I write in 5 minutes?  I will show you how many I can down below. Today I have chosen 3 pomes but I might not be able to fit them all in the 5 minutes I have got I will tell you when I am done. The first one is baby, my next one will be my little cat and lastly is the big red box. It is time to start! My time starts now!

I managed to fit 3 poems  in 3 minutes!

       I think I did really well in my hand writing but my letters where under the line a bit. I think I need to     work on my legality. 

Feedback And Feedforward: you did well with your poem because I can read it and the spelling is great. Gabby 

Monday, 9 May 2016

My spelling

My spelling hasn't go so well over the past few years but this year I was nervous but I did the best I have ever done in a long time in spelling. I only do 36 wrong out of 300 words witch I think is quite good for me even if you do not think so. Down below you will see my two sided 300 word . 

Evaluation: I think I did very well and I don't think the words that I got wrong won't take me long to fix at all.

Feedback and Feedforward: I feel like you have done a really good job in your spelling test because you keeper your handwriting neat but next time you could take your time and maybe you will get more right.