Monday, 27 June 2016


Description: on Thursday afternoons the year six's have been doing Japanes with Kelly. My thing in Japanes is writing our name.i like the beginning of my name because I have a sideways smiley face at the very start of my name😀. I  have learnt how to count to 10 really fast in Japanese and I am just learning to count to 20.


Evaluation: I'm finding Japanese challenging but I find it also very fun and the same time.

Feedback: I like how you added a photo of your name now I know how to write my name in Japanese. Charlotte W
Feedforward: Next time I think you could add like the numbers in Japanese in . Charlotte W

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Flip cards

Description: For ET Reo we have had three things to choose from and my group had chosen flip cards. In my group is Bella,Tabitha,Sophie and Rebekah how joined our group later in the term . On the flip cards one side is English and the ather side is Moari. We are doing it on fruit. I'm finding it challenging but fun at the same time.


Feedback and feedforward:I think you did well but you could contribute in the group a bit better!but apart from that they are great high quality flash cards!-Bella M

Evolution: I found learning the flip cards challenging but I have had fun with my group.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Seed to table

Description: This Term P 2 did Seed 2 Table. Seed 2 Table is when we have a group of adults who want to do seed to table with there kid. in Seed 2 Table. The parents are in charge of the cooking and Elly is in charge  of the gardening. We were separated into 2 groups and one group went off to cooking and the other group went to do some gardening. On the gardening we started planning stuff like where are some good places to keep the plants warm and dry and how much water plants might need to keep them healthy and alive . At the end of Seed 2 Table  my groups plants weren't  growing but that was ok. Here is our groups  Seed 2 Table Inquiry down below .


Evolution: I found seed to table challenge but at the same time fun cooking and yum eating, I really enjoyed it.

Feedback and feedforward: I think you did really well in explaining what we did. 
Next time you could maybe tell them how much they grew or what seeds they were.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cross country

My goal for cross country is to come in the top five. I will like to come in the top five  because i would like  to go to inter school.